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Protecting Our Health and Environment


Quality, affordable health care and a clean environment are essential to vibrant communities and a strong economy. To continue to attract the best and brightest, quality of life is non-negotiable. The most successful companies are those that prioritize the health and safety of their employees, and our state can’t attract them without doing the same. 


No family should have to choose between paying to see a doctor or paying other bills. Expanding quality, affordable health care to all North Carolinians doesn’t just make economic sense, it’s essential. In fact, it’s also common sense, the more people that have health care coverage, the lower the costs are for everyone. The more people with quality health coverage, the easier it is to attract good paying jobs to our state, but North Carolina has some of the highest health costs in the country. That’s why Rachel cosponsored legislation to close the Medicaid coverage gap while lowering health care premiums for all North Carolinians. 


Clean air, land, and water are basic to providing the quality of life every North Carolinian deserves and to be competitive in attracting and maintaining good paying jobs. North Carolina joined the more than one-quarter of Fortune 500 companies, from every sector, that have a plan to address climate change. As a legislator Rachel supported the bi-partisan Energy Solutions bill to make North Carolina the only state in the country with their green economy plan in statute. North Carolina is fortunate to have natural attractions from the mountains to the Outer Banks that make this one of the best places to live. We need to preserve those for future generations, while also maintaining our competitive edge.

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